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  1. BeHerb Noni Shampoo


    BeHerb Noni Black Hair Shampoo is made from the pure extract of genuine Hawaiian Noni fruit.

    • Easy to use and time saving
    • Scientific formula without chemical composition, thus won't hurt the hair and won't turn red or fade.


    • Wear a pair of gloves (if not this shampoo will blacken your nail without harmful effect.)
    • Wet your hair and dry it with a towel.
    • Pour the Noni Black Hair Magic on your hands and mix it well.
    • Place the mixture onto the hair and keep massaging for 7 ~ 10 minutes. For best result, cover the hair with shower cap for additional 10 minutes. Note: Avoid letting the shampoo stay on your forehead for too long, as it will turn black.
    • Rinse your hair thoroughly


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  2. GLO Black HAIR

    GLO Black HAIR


    GLO Black HAIR is healthy black hair from miracle of nature.

    • Safe for hair that is fragile or has been damaged
    •  Dye molecules mostly cling to the outside of the hair shaft without penetrating it.
    •  Is much gentler on the skin than permanent hair colour.
    • Coating of color on the outside of the hair shaft helps provide a little extra volume to the hair's overall appearance.
    • Provides protection to the hair's cuticle against sun or heat damage.




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2 Item(s)

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