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  1. BeHerb Noni Shampoo


    BeHerb Noni Black Hair Shampoo is made from the pure extract of genuine Hawaiian Noni fruit.

    • Easy to use and time saving
    • Scientific formula without chemical composition, thus won't hurt the hair and won't turn red or fade.


    • Wear a pair of gloves (if not this shampoo will blacken your nail without harmful effect.)
    • Wet your hair and dry it with a towel.
    • Pour the Noni Black Hair Magic on your hands and mix it well.
    • Place the mixture onto the hair and keep massaging for 7 ~ 10 minutes. For best result, cover the hair with shower cap for additional 10 minutes. Note: Avoid letting the shampoo stay on your forehead for too long, as it will turn black.
    • Rinse your hair thoroughly


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  2. Aluma Wallet

    Aluma Wallet


    This Aluma wallet is ultra-slim with durable aluminium casings and smooth finish. This credit card wallet is Dust Proof, Water, stain and impact resistant.

    The following are the invincible features of the product :

    1) The ultra slim outer case of the Aluma wallet makes it handy that easily fits into your pockets.

    2) The product is nearly indestructible and will not easily break off.

    3)The product is water proof and thus keeps your stuff safe.

    4) Aluminium wallet looks great and is available in different attractive range of colors.

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  3. Day & Night Glasses


    A perfect shield for your eyes, this night driving glasses set of 3 is really worth your vision.

    • Lenses: Polycarbonate (Shatterproof)
    • Type: 
      1. Night vision anti-glare yellow lens glasses
      2. Transparent lens glasses
      3. Black lens sunglasses
    • Scratch resistant coating
    • Frame Material: Plastic
    • Frame Size: Medium
    • Optical Structure: Frame
    • Frame Style: Full rim
    • Rubber ear pads
    • Polarized: No
    • Gender: Unisex
    • Safety meets ANSI Z87.1 standards for glasses
    • UV Protection Grade: UV400 filter
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  4. Multipurpose Wrench


    Multipurpose Magical Wrench Set helps you tackle your daily problems with taps, valves, pipes, lines, radiators, boilers, wheels, etc.

    • With just one hand movement! Effective, practical, light weight system.
    • Ideal plumbing, carpentry, mechanical and garden work.
    • They are the solution to your problems with taps, valves, pipes and piping,radiators boilers,wheels.
    • Drop forged carbon steel


    • Shell Color: Black + Red 
    • Material: Polished/Chrome Plated 
    • Wrench size: 8-32mm (0.31-1.25in) 
    • Weight: 700g (24.69oz) 
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