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Allah Barkat Locket

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Allah Barkat locket

  • Spiritual pendant blessed by Allah himself.

  • It is believed that whosoever will wear this pendant would seek the blessing of Allah- The Almighty.

  • The locket can help in changing the course of continuous misfortunes in your life.

  • Will spread more positivity.


Human beings are one of the most beautiful creation of Allah. Having got the luxury of being a human there are many more tasks humans have to fulfil during their lifetime. Thus, the struggle begins while the journey of living a worldly life for some could be easy and comfortable but for multitudes it’s not the same.

Allah Barkat locket has a very unique feature, it has an incredibly done miniature work and to view it we have empowered it with tiny pearl sized magnifying lens through which one will be able to view the Holy Quran Aayat. One who is blessed by the Holy Quran Aayat is destined to be protected from all the miseries of life

Further to protect one from all the misfortunes of life The Allah Barkat Locket has been etched with the:

1. Aait-ul-Kursi – this will protect an individual from all the mishaps from life.

2. Mecca- Khana Kaba.

3. The four names of Allah -Alzabbaro, Almaleko, Alzizo and Alrehmano

 4. Char Kul has been etched beautifully.


Never to forget that Allah Tala shows his love, kindness and mercy irrespective of who you are and what you do. He loves his children and seeking his intervention is the only humility human must show to his holiness.

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